Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SWT Browser based Web Recorder

Some time ago I was playing around with Krypton - a web testing driver written by Hakan Raberg while he was working in Thoughtworks Studios and the coolness of SWT Browser component. While doing so, I realized that writing a web recorder using the SWT Browser component is quite straight forward.

I have done a simple spike that you can checkout here. I think this is a good idea because:

  • SWT Browser uses a real rendering engine (like XUL Runner for Mozilla) under the hoods. So, even though you do launch a real browser, the functionality is that of a real browser.
  • A recorder on this can use IE for recording as well, which is not possible with, say, Selenium IDE.
  • It is very fast and it integrates with superior recording capabilities of tools like Twist
While this might seem like a waste of effort - I am not going to spend the next 3 months building this! - I think if Krypton picks up, there is a good chance that this is the default Recorder implementation.

Even otherwise, I think this is a good way to show the coolness of SWT Browser component and that itself is worth the simple spike!

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Crazy said...

Hi Pavan,

I'm QTP guy and would like to go with selenium webdriver or Sahi.
Would you please let me know which is better in this both?

Thanks & Regards,